Recent events have led many to refocus their attention on school security or, in many cases, the lack thereof. Unfortunately, these latest happenings are just another drop in a seemingly bottomless bucket of unfortunate school-related incidents.

Years ago, school security didn’t get much media attention; however, these days, it seems that drugs and violence have infiltrated every nook of society. To keep kids safe, school and government officials are pondering all sorts of strategies aimed at keeping the wrong people off school grounds. While many of these plans revolve around aggressive and controversial policies; others are founded in simple, practical solutions which reduce the risk of tragedies, while also reducing the chances of unforeseen consequences.

2 rail steel fence

Physical Barriers

For years, steel fence panels have been used to protect all sorts of important facilities, including airports, parking lots, highways, public parks, government buildings and more. Today, these barriers are being used to protect more and more schools from people who might seek to harm the precious children within. While not impregnable, these barriers serve as powerful deterrents that keep potentially dangerous people out and wondering students in.

Low-risk, High Return

While people argue about the costs and merits associated with installing armed security personnel on school grounds; smart school officials are busy installing steel security structures that provide effective results without heightening risk. Guns can end up in the wrong hands; and security personnel can prove too costly for communities that are already fighting to stay under budget. On the other hand, high security fencing poses virtually no harm to school children. It also helps to keep drug dealers, child abductors and violent criminals where they belong: outside school grounds.

Another Major Benefit

In a perfect world, children would do exactly as they’re told, while ignoring the lure of dangerous activities. Unfortunately, in the real world, children frequently put themselves at risk by leaving school grounds without permission. When kids are left unsupervised, they may engage in dangerous activities. They may also run across dangerous adults who could threaten their very lives. Steel security fencing helps school administrators keep tabs on students; so they can be sure they stay within the protective confines of school grounds.

Reliable, Lasting Structures

Because they operate under strict budgets, schools need to be sure they are investing wisely in equipment that will stand the test of time. Ornamental Fence Supply instills confidence in its customers by providing quality security fencing that will stand the test of time. Registered with the U.S. Federal Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR), Ornamental Fence Supply only offers the most reliable galvanized prefabricated ornamental steel fencing panels and gates which are prefinished with superior powder coated finishes that are built to last.  We offer high security fence options such as  Impasse Fence, which is one of only two fence systems in the USA that is certified under the Safety Act by the US Department of Homeland Security.  Learn more about how quality security fencing can protect your facility, contact us today.