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Montage II Invincible Fasteners
Montage II Invincible Fasteners

Flat mount brackets to be used for Montage II Invincible Style.  Mounting Brackets are packaged with 3/4" self drilling screws, stainless steel 1/4" x 2" one-way security bolts, and 1/4" tee nuts.

Swivel bracket to be used with Montage II Invincible.  Swivel brackets are packaged with 5/16" x 3-1/2" carriage bolts (for 2-1/2" posts) AND 5/16" x 4" carriage bolts (for 3" posts) 5/16" flange nuts, 1/4" x 2" one-way security bolts, and 1/4" tee nuts.

All fasteners are stainless steel.

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SKU          Image          Description                                                                                 Price                                   
BB301.MontageMontage II Invincible flat mount bracket $7.32  
BB304.MontageMontage II Invincible swivel mounting bracket $14.21